Kitchen Trends

You’ve probably been thinking about it for months, imagining yourself drinking coffee with friends in your stunning new kitchen… yet to realize your dream means you’ll need some help in planning, building and designing your kitchen to be just the way you want it!
Making a new kitchen can be quite a daunting prospect! At Lifestyle Kitchens we can make this dream happen with our innovative ideas and can do attitude.

The recent economic times has found that renovating and refurnishing has become the latest trend in the market. This includes kitchen renovations and remodeling to allow for integrated appliances and to bring a fresh new space to your home.

The biggest restraint with renovation is the canvas you have to work with, however due to being affiliated to Lifestyle Constructions Nq Pty Ltd we can remodel the internal space of your home to build the design you want, rather than just working with an existing kitchen space. This can transform an old kitchen from an area where you cook food to an entertainment experience that is visually pleasing and balanced with functionality and practicality.

Sustainable living is fast becoming a major factor into the kitchen area, now no other place in the house impacts on the environment as much as the kitchen from the water usage to the amount of lighting and type of appliances selected for cooking. The use of sustainable materials like man made acrylic surfaces which copy the look of stone, or Bamboo and Polymer products are all in trend. These are making bold steps further into the market instead of natural granite and laminated surfaces.

The current trend in kitchen design is a move towards minimalism. Long straight bench tops with flat square doors. Gloss finishes, open shelves and horizontal lines are the current trends. Kitchens are looking more streamlined as appliances are hidden in cabinets, deep drawers or entire walls of tall cupboards. Glass splashbacks are definitely back in trend and no handles are becoming more popular in designs with hidden recessed edges for ease of opening or choosing big square stainless steel handles to match appliances.

LED lighting is following this trend also, the usage of this low watt high out put lighting into the kitchen has become the speciality of Lifestyle Kitchens NQ with visually striking effects for a very cost affective addition to your kitchen.

We at Lifestyle Kitchens NQ enjoy the challenge to produce the ultimate “Dream Kitchen” for you. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our staff in these areas being able to use all of these materials and accessories to provide these enviromentally friendly designs from start to finish for anyone looking to renovate their space.

Clint Ladynski
Kitchens Manager

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